AI and the Brain

Deep Learning in the Brain28 February 2019
Organiser [ Cape Town Intelligent Systems Meetup ]
Computational Neuroscience: The Brain-Computer Science Interface27 August 2018
Invited speaker [ Maties Machine Learning ]
Computational neuroscience: Thinking about thinking04 December 2017
Invited speaker during AI and Data Science [ AIMS ]

Artificial Assistants

The art of artificial assistants: Bots for business and conversations10 September 2018
Invited speaker during Innovation Track [ AI Expo Africa ]
Artificial Assistants: How can I help you?06 April 2018
Organiser and speaker during NLP Track [ Deep Learning Indaba𝕏 South Africa ]
A conversation about (modern) chatbots22 September 2017
Invited speaker, panellist, and trainer during Executive Machine Learning [conference]
Conversational systems: Beyond the interface17 September 2017
Invited speaker during Deep Learning and its Applications [ MIIA ]
AI-Based Approaches To Building Chatbots and Virtual Assistants16 August 2017
Invited speaker during Data Science Applications to help businesses thrive in the Smart Technology Era [ MIIA ]

Computer Vision

Improving computer vision algorithms using neuroscience principles06 September 2019
Invited speaker (50 min) during Innovation Track [ AI Expo Africa ]
Brain – Computer Vision Interface: I see what you did there28 February 2019
Invited speaker [Aerobotics Computer Vision Journal Club]

Ethics of Intelligence

Africa in AI: opening panel discussion15 April 2019
Keynote panel moderator [ Deep Learning Indaba𝕏 South Africa ]
Augmented Intelligence: challenges and opportunities for AI in the workplace19 November 2018
Organiser [ Cape Town Intelligent Systems Meetup ]
Understanding a black box30 August 2018
Organiser and speaker during Data Quality [ Cape Town Intelligent Systems Meetup ]
AI: Implications and impact27 March 2018
Organiser and panel moderator [Cape Town City.AI]
Technological limits in AI and the brain23 August 2017
Organiser and speaker during The Limits of Intelligence [ Cape Town Intelligent Systems Meetup ]


Investigating chloride dynamics in neurological processing and epilepsy using computational methods05 August 2019
Invited speaker [Neuroscience Education and Research Discussions]
Executive Neuroscience: Leadership for the Brain11 July 2018
Invited speaker [Golden Key Leadership Summit]
Chloride dynamics alter the input-output properties of neurons 02 March 2018
Poster presentation [ COSYNE ]
Computational neuroscience: The brain on AI11 September 2017
Poster presentation [ Deep Learning Indaba ]
Computational Neuroscience in 6 minutes01 July 2017
Flash talk during Public science forum [Pecha Kucha]
Why computational neuroscience?28 May 2017
Organiser & speaker during Computational Neuroscience: What is it and why should I care? [ Cortex Club ]
Vinpocetine’s effects on memory in early ethanol exposed Sprague-Dawley rats27 March 2015
Poster presentation [Society of Neuroscientists of Africa]

Event Organiser

I commonly host, organise, or facilitate events through Cape Town Intelligent Systems meetup group, Cape Town City.AI, Machine Intelligence Institute of Africa, University of Cape Town, and others.

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