Understanding a black box

Cape Town Intelligence Systems has joined with City.AI, NeuronsAI, and AIExpoAfrica to bring you a talk on Data Quality by leading experts:

  • Aunnie Patton Power - Founder of Intelligent Impact. Associate Fellow, Oxford. Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Skoll Centre. Advisor, Bertha Centre.
  • Neil du Toit - Data Scientist at Democratic Governance and Rights Unit, Faculty of Law, UCT
  • Hayley Tomes - Histology Laboratory Manager and PhD Neuroscience candidate, Dept. of Human Biology, UCT
  • Chris Currin

Data quality can vary in complex ways that are not always directly evident or measurable, yet can impact downstream analysis and systems (including AI). With state-of-the-art technology now exposing how important the quality of data can be for functioning, new technologies (including blockchain solutions) are being built to facilitate the collection, verification, and validation of data that is both accurate and representative. For example, one of the most difficult yet influential places to collect quality data is the brain.

If good data is important to you, you will learn more about its influence in the context of social impact, enterprise data science, and neuroscience research.

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