African Computer Vision Summer School (ACVSS)


The African Computer Vision Summer School (AVCSS) will unite outstanding African students and researchers with leading computer vision and AI experts, complementing existing initiatives like the Deep Learning Indaba (DLI), to offer equitable access to foundational and advanced computer vision algorithms.

The ten days summer school will feature top-notch computer vision speakers who will teach a group of students chosen based on merit and diversity from across Africa. The location will vary annually within Africa, and the inaugural occurence will be held in July 2024 in Nairobi, Kenya (see Attend).

The on-site educational program will include lectures and practical sessions. Within the curriculum, emphasis will be placed on the importance of ethical considerations, geometry and math, deep learning and AI, and on seeding knowledge for multiple generations of students by coaching participants educational leadership (see Program).

The organizing committee comprises advisors and leading researchers from distinguished academic labs and major tech industries, bringing experiences in organizing African and international events (see below)

Deep Learning Indaba𝕏 South Africa NPC

IndabaX South Africa logo

A Deep Learning Indaba𝕏 is a locally-organised “Indaba” or conference held annually that helps ensure that knowledge and capacity in machine learning are spread more widely across the African continent. With more than half the continent hosting an Indaba𝕏, we are building a community of machine learning practitioners and researchers with local impact and global influence.

I am director and CEO of the Deep Learning Indaba𝕏 South Africa NPC, a non-profit company that aims to strengthen machine learning in South Africa and beyond.

I am especially proud of the community aspect of the Indaba𝕏, and the fact that we have been able to bring together a diverse group of people from across the continent, and to help them build a network of peers and mentors.

We are a grassroots organisation that spun off from the Deep Learning Indaba in 2017. Our community is growing rapidly, and we are excited to see the impact that the Indaba movement will have on the African continent world.

Computational Neuroscience Imbizo

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The Computational Neuroscience Imbizo is an opportunity for African and international students to learn about cutting edge research techniques in computational neuroscience. Located on the shores of Cape Town, South Africa, this 3-week summer school is an intense and immersive experience that leaves one walking away with not just new computational neuroscience knowledge, but new connections with people around the world.

The goal of the Imbizo is to bring together those interested in Neuroscience, Africa, and African Neuroscience to share knowledge and create a pan-continental and international community of scientists.

From my role as an attendee of the first edition in 2017, I became organiser and head mentor from 2019 until 2024.

Other communities I'm involved in



SisonkeBiotik is an open and inclusive community of researchers, practitioners and enthusiasts at the intersection of Machine Learning and Healthcare working together to build capacity and drive forward grassroots research initiatives in Africa for Machine Learning and Healthcare.

The tragic past of colonialism has been devastating for Africa. This has resulted in a technological space that does not understand our names, our cultures, our places, our history.

SisonkeBiotik roughly translates to “together Biotik” in isiZulu. Sisonke means “together” and Biotik is a play on Biotic “Life” (both in terms of healthcare and people) and BioTech “biological technology”

Our goal is for Africans to shape and own these technological advances towards human dignity, well-being and equity, through inclusive community building, open participatory research and multidisciplinarity.

Deep Learning Indaba

The Deep Learning Indaba is an organisation whose mission is to Strengthen Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Africa. We work towards the goal of Africans being not only observers and receivers of the ongoing advances in AI, but active shapers and owners of these technological advances.