AI: Implications and impact

Cape Town Intelligence Systems has joined with City.AI to bring you a panel discussion, AI: Implications and Impact.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is growing at an exponential rate, touching almost every part of our lives: becoming more prevalent and powerful. While the technological implications are clear to see, the sociological impact requires frequent discussion of AI’s benefit and danger. With mainstream fear of this technology, there are reasons to be cautious but also optimistic. Join us for a discussion that will dispel myths, provide known answers, and generate new questions.

For City.AI’s inaugural event, we have decided to dive straight into the discussion. We ​hope you will join us for a level-headed debate on ​AI: Implications & Impact


  • David Anderson, Senior Associate, Cullinan & Associates
  • Lethabo Motsoaledi, Founder, M&W Innovations Studio
  • Neil Du Toit, Data Scientist at Q-Division
  • Wiebke Toussaint, Data Scientist, UCT
  • Moderated by Christopher Currin, Cape Town Intelligent Systems