Technological limits in AI and the brain

Join us for a discussion on the moral, legal, & technological limits of intelligence. Together, we will discuss the collaborations and competitions that potentially exist between artificial intelligence (AI) and neurobiological intelligence (NI).

Guiding the discussions are:

  • David Harris (MA Philosophy and Philosophy Lecturer), who will talk about what intelligence means, asking key questions such as: Will AI have morals, is AI limited by morals, and should we trust AI?

  • Neil du Toit (BSc Maths, LLB, Data Scientist), who will talk about AI accountability and regulation, asking imperative questions such as: should AI be regulated, will AI regulate us, and can we trust AI?

  • Christopher Currin (PhD Computational Neuroscience candidate, Intelligence and Intelligent Systems Specialist), who will talk about advanced (and advancement of) intelligence, asking fascinating questions such as: is intelligence bounded, can we combine AI and NI, and what can’t AI do well… yet?

Most importantly. we will be figuring out if we will make it out alive as AI continues to grow exponentially!