Industry AI Consultant

Sole owner of a consulting company for artificial intelligence, business intelligence, data science, information architecture, and Executive Neuroscience [business-applied neuroscience & cognitive science] services.

Notable projects

  • Mamba Insights - Systems architect for a real-time computer vision solution for generating insights from CCTV footage. I engineered a hybrid offline + online approach for deployment in internet-scarce settings.

  • Offerzen | Make Team – part-time Developer Coach, or “Make Master”, to guide developers in exploring innovative technologies (Insurance AR, IoT & Robots, Insurance API & Chatbot) in a fun and rewarding experience. Coached 100s of developers from diverse technology backgrounds, regularly wrote for their blog, and have grown the “Make” community.

  • Mercedes-Benz South Africa – won the LaunchLab competition to develop a computer vision solution to automatically detect dents and scratches in the Sales and Marketing division. The application has been used and approved by the Mercedes-Benz head of technology for the world.

  • Number Boost – consulting data scientist on diverse projects including consumer behaviour analysis in big SA banks, cryptocurrency trading algorithms focused on regime switching, and implementing biplot analysis for peering into “black box” algorithms.

  • iXperience – teaching assistant for the artificial intelligence and data science course, taught by local leaders in the field (e.g. Head of AI for Vodafone Africa).